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A Battle of Tastes: Kaldereta and Mechado

ByZubair Ahmed

Feb 4, 2023
A Battle of Tastes Kaldereta and Mechado

Kaldereta and Machado: two dishes that pack a flavor punch but have significantly different origins. Both culinary staples in Philippine cuisine, kaldereta and Machado are widely enjoyed yet rarely confused with one another due to their distinct taste profiles and textures. To the casual observer, these dishes may appear similar but upon closer inspection, it is clear how their ingredients, techniques, backgrounds, and flavors all differ. Come with us on a journey exploring both of these delectable dishes – from comparing their components to uncovering their respective histories – as we seek to unravel the differences between kaldereta and Machado!

Guide about Kaldereta:

Kaldereta is a flavorful stew of goat meat, liver spread, tomato, and diced potatoes. The ingredients are simmered in a thick-based broth until the flavors have all married together nicely. Peppers and olives can be added to give the dish an extra kick of flavor, while cheese provides a creaminess that further enhances its savory goodness. Traditionally, kaldereta is served with warm rice, but it can also be enjoyed on its own or accompanied by a variety of side dishes.

The name “kaldereta” comes from the Spanish term for “cauldron” and it is believed to have been introduced to the Philippines by the Spanish during colonial rule. The dish has evolved over the centuries and is now often adapted to include local ingredients such as coconut milk, white vinegar, and fish sauce – all of which add a unique and delicious flavor profile.

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How to cook Kaldereta:

To begin, heat oil in a large pot or saucepan and brown the goat meat on all sides. Once the goat is cooked through, add the diced potato, liver spread, tomato, and peppers (if desired) to create a flavorful base. Simmer for about 10 minutes before adding any additional ingredients such as olives or cheese. Once the desired flavors have been achieved, season to taste with salt and pepper before serving hot.

Pros and Cons of Kaldereta:

  • Rich and flavorful dish
  • Can be adapted to include local ingredients for a unique flavor profile
  • Easy to prepare and cooks quicklyChineses
  • Not everyone is a fan of goat meat or liver spread, so this dish may not appeal to all tastes.
  • It can also be quite heavy due to the amount

Guide about Machado:

Machado is a hearty stew that features beef, potatoes, carrots, bell peppers and tomato paste. The dish is believed to have originated in the Visayas region of the Philippines and has since become popular throughout the country. It is cooked slowly over low heat until all ingredients are thoroughly cooked through. This slow-cooking method allows flavors to meld together and produce a delicious, rich flavor.

The name “Machado” is derived from the Spanish word for “axe” as it was said to resemble chopped wood due to the large chunks of vegetables within the stew. The dish can be served with rice or on its own and is typically enjoyed with a side of steamed vegetables such as eggplant or okra.

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How to Cook Machado:

To begin, heat oil in a large pot or saucepan and brown the beef on all sides. Once the beef is cooked through, add the diced potato, carrot, bell peppers, and tomato paste. Simmer for about 20 minutes before adjusting the seasonings to taste. Once the desired flavors have been achieved, serve hot with a side of steamed vegetables or with warm rice.

Pros and Cons of Machado:

  • A hearty and flavorful dish
  • Includes more vegetables than kaldereta for added nutritional value
  • Delicious when served with steamed vegetables or warm rice
  • The long cooking time required for the flavors to meld together can be time-consuming.
  • The dish may not appeal to all tastes due to the inclusion of beef.

Key differences between kaldereta and Machado

Main Ingredient: Kaldereta is typically made with goat meat, while Mechado is made with beef.

Cooking Style: Kaldereta is stewed with tomato sauce and liver spread, while Mechado is made by wrapping the beef with bacon and cooking it in a tomato-based sauce.

Vegetables: Kaldereta commonly includes vegetables like potatoes and carrots, while Mechado may have fewer vegetables and is often served with potatoes on the side.

Thickness: Kaldereta has a thicker sauce due to the addition of liver spread, while Mechado has a thinner sauce.

Flavor Profile: Kaldereta has a rich, tangy flavor due to the tomato sauce and liver spread, while Mechado has a milder, slightly sweeter taste due to the use of sugar and soy sauce in the sauce.


Kaldereta and Machado are two popular Filipino dishes that offer unique flavors and experiences for adventurous eaters. Kaldereta is made with goat meat, potato, liver spread, tomato, and peppers while Machado includes beef, potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, and tomato paste. Ultimately, the choice between these two dishes is a personal one and will depend on individual tastes and preferences. Regardless of which dish you choose, authentic Filipino cuisine is sure to bring an exciting and enjoyable experience to your kitchen.

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